As you already know, sometime back, Google has made available ‘Ok Google’ feature in Android to desktop Chrome in the form of Google Voice Search Hotword beta extension. After installing this extension, you can go hands-free and say "Ok Google" followed by your question on the New Tab page, Chrome then listens to your query and gives the reply and displays the search results.

‘OK Google’ Voice Search to be integrated into Chrome

Chromium team is now working to integrate "OK Google" Voice Search option into Chromium settings, to see this now in action, you need to run Google browser with  –force-fieldtrials=VoiceTrigger/abc/  flag which then adds ‘Enable "Ok Google" to start a voice search’ option under Search Settings.

When you enable it, two other options will appear, they’re:

  • Stop listening for " OK Google" after 5 minutes
  • and Allow in incognito.

Native Ok Google option in Chrome settings

Source: Francois