Process Explorer, takes where Task Manager leaves off, shows detailed information about processes running in your computer and is one of the tools in Microsoft Sysinternals suit, and it has got an update, v16 integrated support for

Now from within Process Explorer, you can look up for any process in VirusTotal by right clicking and selecting ‘Check VirusTotal’, hashes for that files listed in that process and DLL view will be submitted to VT and the result will be shown in ‘VirusTotal’ column, clicking on hyperlinked result takes you to service site for more information.

Note: When you use it for the first time, you’ve to agree to VT’s terms and services.

Process Explorer v16 VirusTotal

Enable checking in Process Explorer

You can automate this and make PExplorer to display VT scan results for all processes, for this click on Options>>Check

You can also submit unknown files, you can do this on-demand for individual files or from Options>>Submit Unknown Executables. This is may hamper your bandwidth, so turn it off when not required. 

Happy scanning of suspicious files in Process Explorer in VirusTotal..