As Dropbox 2.6.2 stable was released with meta installer for Windows and Mac, redesigned setup wizard and offers pause syncing option on tray popup, now file hosting and sync service company has began testing 2.7 version with new features such as pre-authorized installers, Native UI for shared folder invitation and management and this version when installed shows notification when your hard drive is full.

Dropbox Pre-authorized installers

To download this installer for Windows or Mac, you need to sign into your Dropbox account, then small installer will download and starts installation once download completes, after that you’ll be automatically signed into your Dropbox account unless you’ve enabled two-step verification for your account or using business account that uses single sign-on.

Dropbox v2.7.30

If you’ve already Dropbox installed in your computer then to test this version, you either have  uninstall or unlink it from preferences.

Happy Dropbox pre-authorized installers testing.

Download Dropbox 2.7.30