Microsoft offers Compiled HTML or for short CHM format in Windows for applications to provide documentation. One downside of CHM files is these are not convenient to read on computer and mobile devices, FYI- eBooks on internet now available in CHM format also.

So if you want to read CHM files, it is better to convert them to PDF format to read later in your favorite PDF Reader in Windows and Android. If you’re looking for a freeware program that does, CHM to PDF is what you need.


Download and install the program on your computer, browse for CHM file and click ‘Convert’ button. Program "will extract the whole contents of CHM file, then format and convert it to PDF format, page by page, finally, software will combine all PDF pages into one PDF document."

CHM to PDF converter

This program offers following options for conversion

  • Collate when printing multiple copies (default)
  • Grayscale, PDF will be generated in grayscale
  • Low quality, useful to shrink the result document space
  • Do not print background
  • Open generated PDF file after conversion (default)

Though the conversion quality is not excellent, but in our testing, text in converted PDF was clearly visible and readable on PDF Reader. Will you take that? Have you ever wanted to read CHM as PDF? What you’ve done then? Share with us in comments.