German security vendor Avira has released a free PC Cleaner tool for Windows. This tool which works along with other antimalware products is not a replacement to antivirus, it has been created to detect malware that has been missed by other security product installed in your computer. Avira says best experience is possible with their tool if scan is performed after disabling antivirus in your computer.

Avira PC Cleaner

Currently, Avira PC Cleaner is available in German language only, that’s why you might find it difficult to understand dialog boxes displayed on screen; English version of tool will be released soon.

You don’t need to install this, download and run it after that, allow it to download definition updates to detect latest threats, once that finishes perform the scan, if it finds any threats it shows them you can remove them using the option provided on the dialog.

Avira PC Cleaner

After running this tool, it adds two shortcuts to desktop: One is Avira PC Cleaner for launching and other is to remove PC Cleaner and related files like updates if any it downloaded to your computer.

PC Cleaner works on Windows XP SP3 and above, you can download this tool from here.