If you install Avast 2014 latest version build number 9.0.2011 with ‘Regular Installation’ option, then GrimeFighter might get installed (since it currently being offered to a limited number of users only) along with unnecessary SecureLine VPN, that’s why you should always consider installing a program with custom method if available or offered by an installer.

How to disable GrimeFighter and Popups of Browser Cleanup in Avast?

Recently Avast has acquired JumpShot, they integrated it into their security products including in free AV as GrimeFighter, it is just a connector added for feedback and security vendor has confirmed it will be available as stanaldone paid product.

After installing Avast, it gets your attention on UI status page (available on Tools in UI too for launching) that it has found evidence of grime on your PC, if you click ‘Optimize My PC’ it will download image and restarts your computer to fix PC problems. Users not all impressed as it doesn’t display clear information about issues it going to fix.

Avast GrimeFighter

If you too don’t like it and want to remove it from Avast here is how that can be done, follow the steps mentioned below.

Uninstalling GrimeFighter from Avast

1.  Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features, select ‘Avast Free Antivirus ‘ and click ‘Uninstall/Change’

2. When Avast installation dialog appears, select ‘Change’ and click ‘Continue’

3. On Next step, a dialog asks you which components do you want to install? Remove tick mark for ‘GrimerFighter’ and other Avast features/components you don’t need and click ‘Continue’

configure Avast installed components

4. Your requested changes will be made to Avast and GrimeFighter will be removed.

5. Click ‘Done’ at the end.