Snagit, a popular Screen Capture tool from TechSmith has recently version 11.3 released with Google Drive integration and support for Chrome and Windows 8.1. This tool lets you capture images, video, text from the entire screen, selected window, region, or scrolling window. You can use Snagit’s text capture to extract file names in a folder, copy text from an error dialog displayed on the screen, etc..

Snagit is unable to capture this text

When you try to capture text from an image or PDF document or from unsupported application with text capture profile selected in Snagit, you’ll get an error dialog saying ‘Snagit is unable to capture this text. Try clicking and dragging to highlight the text. Press Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste the text into your destination’.

Snagit text capture error

You should know that Snagit is not an OCR software, there are other programs available on internet like i2OCR, PDF OCR (and you can read and edit text from scanned document if you’ve Microsoft office installed), for that purpose, it is only a screen capturing program that  has been developed to capture whatever displayed on screen that can be images, text or video, but it has some limitations.

Snagit 12.2 Update adds Light Theme Option for the Editor, improves Scrolling Capture

Currently, Snagit doesn’t support text capture from the following

  • PDF files
  • Images
  • Windows 8 Operating System
  • Internet Explorer on Windows 8
  • Firefox 15+
  • Google Chrome
  • And some dialog messages.

Snagit 12.1 for Windows and 3.1 for Mac are Now Available

Update: Text capture profile is not available in Snagit 12.