During the install of Java, if you don’t pay attention Ask toolbar bundled by Oracle will be added to Chrome and Ask will be set as default search provider in Google browser. You can notice TBNotifier.exe process with a description Ask Toolbar Notifier running under the Processes tab in Task Manager. This process runs from ‘C:\Program Files\AskPartnerNetwork\Toolbar\Updater’ location.

Ask toolbar installed in Chrome

Oracle Releases Java 8 with inclusion of Ask Toolbar again

Removing Ask Toolbar installed in Chrome and TBnotifier.exe

1. Click on Windows orb to open the Start Menu

2. Click on Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features, select ‘Ask Toolbar’ and click ‘Uninstall’  button

3. Toolbar will be uninstalled and dialog indicating that was happened will be shown on your screen, click ‘OK’.

That’s it! Ask Toolbar and TBnotifier.exe have been removed.

If that doesn’t help, and if you can’t uninstall Ask Toolbar from the Control Panel, then we’ve also got you covered.


Ask.com offering removal utility for their toolbar

Ask, which is responsible for making this toolbar is offering removal tool, which you can download and run. This tool not only gets rid of their annoying toolbar and TBnotifier.exe, but also removes other installed Ask Partner Network applications from your computer as well.

1. To get started, download APN Application Remover (APN means Ask Partner Network) and save to your computer.

2. Close all browsers if any opened and run the tool, select ‘Ask Toolbar’ on the dialog and click ‘Remove’ button,

APN (Ask Partner Network) Application Remover

3. Your system will be automatically restarted after to make the requested changes.

UPDATE: Seems Ask has removed the tool from the link I mentioned above, if you still want that tool you can download it from here (third-party file sharing site, the file has been scanned in VirusTotal and uploaded.).

Why you really install Java on your computer? To access bank websites or for the sake of Java related applications? Let us know in the comments.