RealPlayer that lets you play, download and bookmark videos is available in free and paid versions. Free version with basic features that displays annoying ads offers useful ‘Private Mode’. When you turn on this mode, videos downloaded using RealDownloader will be kept in a hidden folder, you can mark any clip in RealPlayer library as private by selecting ‘make this file private’ from right click menu, then that clip will be moved to hidden folder. When you exit private mode, clips in clip history will be removed.

RealPlayer Private Mode

When you select private mode for the first time from RealPlayer menu, you need to create a PIN, this is onetime setup. You need to enter this PIN every time when you enable private mode.

When you turn on RealPlayer’s Private Mode:

  • Videos you watch won’t be added to recently played clips list.
  • Video files in hidden folder will have names with random letters and numbers.
  • When you delete a clip, it will be permanently deleted instead of moving to Recycle Bin.
  • All clips that are marked private will be shown in library.

RealPlayer in Private Mode

When you turn off RealPlayer Private Mode:

  • Now playing list, recent playing list and RealDownloader history will be cleared.
  • Any clip that was playing will be stopped and Now Playing view will be cleared.

If you forgot PIN that you use to enable Private Mode, then you’ve no other option but to uninstall and reinstall player and you need to setup PIN from beginning again on your computer. During RealPlayer uninstallation make sure to uncheck ‘My Library’.