Picasa for Windows and Mac has been updated, new build 137.69 includes Google+ Auto Backup which automatically saves photos and videos you choose in your computer and other devices and they’ll be kept private until you share them. To get started, Install Picasa and when ‘Google+ Auto Backup’ dialog appears after clicking ‘set up auto backup’ sign into your Google Account and choose folders and devices and hit ‘start backup’ button.

Google Plus Auto Backup

Picasa installs Google+ Auto Backup

Photos icon in system tray shows backup progress, you can pause backup or change preferences by right clicking on that icon. By default, full size photos and videos will use your Google drive storage space, you always have the option to switch to standard size. All your photos and videos that are auto backed up can be found at photos.Google.com.

backup photos and videos

Other changes in Picasa 3.9 build 137.69 are

  • Updates to RAW support to include newer cameras.
  • Patches to image handling.
  • Updated file size limits for uploads: 50 MB or 100 MP.
  • "Edit in Creative Kit" function has been removed.