Opera software has came to know that selected videos in YouTube no longer playing in their browser, upon further investigation they found the fault on YouTube’s side with recently introduced coded selection. Opera has released browser.js patch that forces YouTube site to always use flash player for playing videos. This patch will be automatically applied for you via automatic updates after restart of browser. 

How to apply browser.js Patch manually in Opera?

If issue still persists, download and save this browser.js file to your computer (caution:won’t works if edited),

1. Navigate to opera profile folder location (you can know its path by visiting ‘opera://about’ page in your browser).

On Windows:  %APPDATA%/Opera Software/Opera/

Opera browser.js file location

On Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware

2. Remove ‘brower.js’ file and replace it with one you saved just now.

3. Restart the browser.

YouTube engineers have been notified about the issue and they’re working on fix, once they release the fix Opera will remove this patch from your browser.

Are you affected? Has YouTube videos playing issue resolved for you? Let us know in comments.