Gmail has announced they’ll load images in messages automatically without you need to click ‘Display images below’ link by storing images in their Google Image proxy servers. Before that, Gmail not showed images automatically unless you’ve selected always display images for that sender in the past.

Now Google ensures that images will be loaded securely. Each image will be scanned for viruses  and senders now may not know your IP address or location information. But some times, Gmail may not display images if message or sender is suspicious then you’ll be asked to see the images.

Prevent Gmail from displaying Images automatically in emails

Though Gmail has turned on this feature default, you still’ve the option to set Google email service to ask before displaying images in each and every message if you have slower internet connection.

To do that, from Gear icon select ‘Settings’ and for ‘Images’ select ‘Ask before displaying external images’, scroll down to bottom and hit ‘Save Changes’ button. You need to do this for all multiple accounts you own.

Gmail Settings images

And which way you want it to be better in Gmail?,Do you want images to be shown automatically or want to see them by always clicking on link?. Let me know in comments.