When you launch Foxit Reader, by default, it shows start page and advertisements on startup unless you’ve disabled them in the Preferences, if you try to open Foxit PDF Reader in recently released Windows 8.1 you can get a script error saying ‘Access is denied’ with a URL pointing to ‘file:///C:/Users/username/AppData/Roaming/Foxit%20Software/Foxit%20Reader/StartPage /start/en_us/js/jquery.min.js’,  if you click ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, script Error again appears when you reopen the Reader.

Script Error in Foxit Reader

How to Remove Foxit Reader’s Foxit Cloud Option and CloudReading Plugin?

Disabling Script Error in Foxit Reader

1. Open Foxit Reader Preferences by using Ctrl+K shortcut or by selecting ‘Preferences’ from the File menu.

2. Preferences>General>Application Startup, uncheck ‘Show Start Page’

3. Click ‘OK’.

Now when you reopen Foxit Reader, script error no longer appears.