When you install Foxit Reader 6.1 and above Cloud Reading Plugin of it also gets installed. That Plugin is for Foxit Cloud -currently in Beta available for Foxit Reader on PC and Foxit Mobile Reader on Android -allows registered users to store PDF files (up to 1GB for free) into cloud and you can open and read them in Foxit clients from anywhere.

With Cloud Reading, Foxit connects its Apps from different client-sides together to provide a non-interruptive, cross-platform, continuous and fast PDF reading experience for their users.

Foxit Cloud

Using Foxit Cloud in Foxit Reader

‘Foxit Cloud’ appears as a tab in Foxit Reader’s ribbon mode as a menu item in Toolbar mode. Click on Foxit Cloud from any one mode to launch Cloud Reading service. To use this service, you need to register for Foxit Cloud account, which isn’t difficult can be done from Foxit Cloud tab in Foxit Reader without opening browser. You can also sign into this service with your Twitter or Google or Facebook account also.

Foxit Cloud  service Foxit Reader

After signing in, all local files you open by default with in Foxit Reader will be automatically uploaded to cloud, you can not only change this but also the document storage path-  where it stores downloaded cloud files- from Cloud Reader plugin settings.

Cloud Reader Plugin Settings

Foxit Reader offers ‘Offline reading’ and ‘linear reading’ modes. Former will be executed when local file is opened. Latter will be executed if clicked file does not have a local copy and this mode is faster and secure way to view file without downloading whole file.

Your PDF files and reading history will be be synchronized and made available across all devices that have Foxit Reader installed.

File List

Foxit Cloud interface offers buttons above the ‘File List’ to’ restart the document transmission’, ‘download the file from server and make it available for offline reading’, ‘delete the file from server or cancel the document transmission’ and ‘synchronize documents and reading history’.

Maximum size allowed for single PDF is 50 MB.

Foxit Cloud still not activated worldwide, if you’ve activated you’ll see Foxit Cloud Tab in Foxit Reader as said above.