After installing Picasa on Windows, when you press ‘Print Screen’ key on the keyboard, screenshots will be saved to ‘Screen Captures’ folder. What if you’re already using Snagit or other screen capturing program before Picasa install and you don’t want Picasa from saving screenshots when Print Screen is pressed? You’ve to disable Picasa’s Screen Capture feature, as simple as that.

Disabling Picasa’s Screen Capture Feature for Snagit

1. Open Picasa,

2. Click on Tools > Folder Manager

3. Find Picasa folder on the left pane, expand it and select ‘Screen Captures’, on right pane under ‘for the current folder’ select ‘Remove from Picasa’ from ‘Scan Always’ (check the screenshot below).

Folder manager screen captures

4. Click ‘Ok’ to save the changes.

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From now onwards when you press the Print Screen key Picasa no longer comes in your way on the right side of screen with a popup ‘Screenshot saved, click to view’.

Happy screenshot taking with Snagit.

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