Till now Chrome used to reveal plain passwords it stored when you click ‘show’ button at chrome://settings/passwords dialog, this may change in future and you may have to enter your Windows account password for it to show. This is because Chromium team has enabled ‘Reauthentication dialog for passwords’ by default in latest Chromium build for Windows which now prompts you to reauthenticate with your Windows account to show the password.

Google Chrome type your Windows password dialog

Google Chrome can save usernames and passwords for websites you enter, next time it will fill sign-in fields for those websites automatically for you. It is not good practice browser to save usernames and passwords, particularly passwords. If your computer falls in wrong hands then you’ll be in danger of losing valuable information, that’s why Chrome team now asks you to enter Windows user account logon password to display them and it is a good security move. [Via Francois]