If you want to uninstall Chrome completely to do a fresh install, then you may want to export all bookmarks you saved in browser to HTML file so that after reinstalling Chrome you can import them from same file. We’ve covered how to import bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox with help of  import wizard offered in Firefox, let us see how you can export chrome bookmarks to HTML file and later import them into Google browser from it.

Exporting bookmarks in Chrome to HTML file

1. Open Bookmark Manager (Ctrl+Shift+O ), click on Organize menu and select ‘Export Bookmarks to HTML file..’.

2. Select location in your hard drive and click ‘Save’ button.

Importing bookmarks from HTML file to Chrome 

1. Click on Chrome menu, select ‘Settings ‘

2. Users>Import bookmarks and settings>Bookmarks HTML File>’Choose File ‘

Chrome import bookmark and settings

3. Select Bookmarks HTML file you’ve exported from Chrome before and click ‘Open’, you can find imported bookmarks in Chrome menu or on the bookmarks bar.