When you try to uninstall Foxit Reader from Control Panel you can’t instead you may get Error ‘ File C:\Program Files\Foxit Software\Foxit Reader\unins000.dat’ could not be opened. Cannot uninstall. Error 32: The Process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.’

Here you can notice ‘Foxit Reader Updater.exe’ process running in Task Manager with description ‘Foxit Updater’ at that time perhaps it is downloading updates for program in the background and it runs from temp directory in AppData folder.

Foxit Reader Uninstall error

You can wait for it to download and install updates but since you’ve already taken decision to  uninstall program that’s why kill that process and proceed for uninstall. This time Foxit Reader will be uninstalled successfully.

Foxit Reader Updater.exe process

Managing Foxit Reader Updates

Foxit Reader by default set to automatically download updates but lets you choose when to install them. You can find this option enabled in Preferences (use Ctrl +K) on Updater tab.

For the next time to not experience such errors, before uninstalling Foxit Reader make sure you’ve selected ‘Do not download or install updates automatically" option and uninstall Foxit Reader. Hope this helps, happy Foxit Reader Uninstalling.

Foxit Reader Preferences Updater