Chrome Canary can be highly unstable and is a Nightly build that gets new features almost everyday is aimed at early adopters and developers. You can use it along with stable channel. One reason for users to stay away from using Canary these days is Chromium team now using with SyzyASan to find heap bugs or memory errors.

Canary SyzyASan

Once in a week Chromium team releases SyzyASAN build, which will consume more system resources and runs with slower speed.

“Although Chrome with SyzyASAN is very usable, the penalties in speed – 4.7x on CPU intensive operations – and memory – a 25% increase plus a fixed 256MB increase in each process – are noticeable so we’ll confine these releases to our Canary channel for now. We’ve been releasing SyzyASAN-instrumented builds to the Windows Canary channel one day each week recently. ” Chris Hamilton, sanitation Engineer said in Chromium blog.

Though you’ll experience slowdown in performance of canary, Chromium team has advantages of running SyzyASAN instrumented build on Windows canary as it shows them hardest to locate memory bugs.

“One day with a little slowdown on the Canary channel gives us plenty of great data. In the last three weeks, we’ve found 150 new bugs in Chromium, several of which could lead to security vulnerabilities.”

If you see Canary version number by selecting ‘About Google Chrome’ from menu it shows ‘canary SyzyASan’ under Google Chrome heading, what it saying is you’re using ‘SyzyASAN build’ like to Aura build.

Opt-out SyzyAsan builds

To opt-put of getting SyZyASan builds on Canary channel, you need to run following command in the command prompt with admin privileges.

reg add HKCU\Software\Google\Update\ClientState\{4EA16AC7-FD5A-47C3-875B-DBF4A2008C20}\cohort /v hint /d asan-optout /f

Note: If you uninstall and reinstall Canary, you need to run the above command again, to tell Google that you don’t want to get ASAN buids on Canary.