AVG Antivirus Free when installed in your computer does show boot time improvement notifications and AVG advisor notifications unless you’ve already configured its Settings not to display them. Another notification that pops up for every 30 days or for first time after installing AVG with message: ‘AVG protected you from several threats recently’ and offers link below it to see the report.

AVG pop up notification

That link opens Threat Report page (not the AVG Threat labs page) locally from your computer and shows information about threats detected by Antivirus recently. This is your AVG Report Card, you can find this similar to Avast Security Report which also gets generated on monthly basis.

Threat report AVG Report Card

If you’d enough with these notifications and don’t want to see it in future here is how disable so called Statistical notifications of AVG.

Turning off AVG Statistical Notifications

1. Open AVG Antivirus Interface,

2. Click on Options, select Advanced Settings>Appearance

3. Uncheck ‘Statistical notifications’ and click ‘OK’ to apply the changes.