Chrome App Launcher gives quick access to your favorite apps and launches them in their own separate windows outside Chrome browser similar to desktop apps. App Launcher is currently available for Windows and Mac, in Windows to get it you need to install any app from ‘For Your Desktop‘ collection in Chrome Web Store, then it appears on your Taskbar.

If you’ve not used it for a while unpinned it from taskbar for that reason, now are you wondering how to get it back?, We’ll tell how to do that.

Adding Removed Chrome App Launcher in Windows to Taskbar

Click the Start Menu>All Programs>Google Chrome>right click on ‘Chrome App Launcher’ and select ‘Pin to Taskbar’

Not found App Launcher under Google Program on Start Menu?, Follow below steps.

1. Right click on Chrome desktop shortcut and select ‘Create Shortcut’

2.  Right click on new shortcut you created just now and select ‘Properties’

3. And in Target field after Chrome.exe ” after giving space add


and, click ‘OK’ to apply the changes.

4. Now double click it, App Launcher opens, right click on it and select ‘Pin this program to taskbar’.

If you still can’t add App Launcher to taskbar, ask me in comments I am happy to help.