Users get most annoyed with toolbars that not only occupy space on browser but also changes browser search engine, home page and new tab page, sometimes this can happen without user consent also.

When you install Panda Cloud Antivirus on your computer and during the setup if you’ve intentionally or forget to uncheck Panda Security Toolbar install and other options then toolbar gets installed on browsers and changes all major browsers default search engine to Yahoo and also sets MyStart as default home page in browsers powered by Yahoo. Here is how to deal with these annoyances and also get rid of Panda Security Toolbar.

Panda Security Toolbar

Uninstall or Remove Panda Security Toolbar

1. Close all running browsers.

2. Start Menu>Control Panel>Programs and Features select Panda Security Toolbar and click Uninstall button and follow instructions on screen.

Uninstall or Remove Panda URL Filtering

Panda Security Toolbar installs Panda URL Filtering component on your computer and you can notice Panda_URL_Filtering.exe process (Anti-Phishing Domain advisor) running on Task Manager right from start of your computer.

The questions arises these days is this process necessary? Why it keeps running? And it may hog your system resources, if you don’t want this process to be running you can stop it by uninstalling Panda URL Filtering, which can be done in two ways.

Panda URL_filtering.exe process

1. By uninstalling Panda Security Toolbar: Follow above steps from one to two, when a dialog with finish button appears select "Uninstall Panda Security URL Filtering" and click "Finish" button, see the screenshot below.

Panda Security Toolbar uninstall dialog

2. Manually also. If you want to keep Panda Security Toolbar but want to remove Panda URL Filtering, here is how that can be done.

Navigate to " C:/ProgramData/Panda Security URL Filtering" and click "Uninstall".

To restore all browser default settings you may use Reset features in Firefox and Chrome or tools like Avast Browser Cleanup or Auslogics Browser Care.