Are you using older version of browser? Or using outdated plugins that pose security risks, you shouldn’t be supposed to. If you’re not technically savvy enough to know details of browser version and plugins you’re using try SurfPatrol online service -also offers extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers and works on iOS, Mac and Android platforms – which checks for vulnerabilities in browsers and plugins and informs you about the same when detected.

Browser and Plugins Vulnerability Check

Visit this URL from your browser, service scans your browser and installed plugins for flaws or vulnerabilities and displays them if found with a red check. Click on it, you’ll be automatically forwarded to appropriate official vendor’s site for download of latest browser or plugin. 

vulnerable plugin detected by SurfPatrol service

You need to perform the scan separately for each browser by visiting their site or you can install their extensions, for example when you install their Chrome extension it shows notifications on toolbar after performing the scan. Click on extension icon which takes you to scan report page and displays if problems found and gives recommendations for them.

After updating plugins or browsers, run scan again to confirm browsers and plugins are up-to-date to stay safe and secure. They update their vulnerability database regularly, so this service may not likely to miss a single vulnerability during the scan.

You may also want to look at alternate services such as Mozilla plugin check (not only limited to Firefox but also performs plugin check for all browsers right now) and Quayls BrowserCheck.