Chrome’s built-in Popup blocker can block popup windows on websites but not all as some JavaScript ones still skip through it and FYI, Chromium team is already working to improve their browser’s popup blocker to block these. We’ve covered Better Popup Blocker extension for Chrome  in the past which does the same, meet JavaScript Popup Blocker Chrome extension, as name says it will stop JavaScript created popup & pop-under windows.

This extension developer claims it will block popups that Chrome’s popup blocker doesn’t, like the ones that appear when you click anywhere on page.

Developer offers two modes for his extension for user’s convenience: Whitelist mode and Blacklist mode. While former one blocks all popups except of whitelisted pages, latter one Only blocks popups of blacklisted page.

JavaScript Popup blocker options

After installing the extension from Chrome web store its icon appears on Chrome address bar and it changes and shows its popup blocking status for current page you’re on.