TechSmith has released Fuse app for mobile, available for iOS and Android which lets you import photos and videos into Snagit. Snagit 11.3 for Windows has added Google Drive integration and also support for Google Chrome browser by releasing extension and apps. Snagit now works on Windows 8.1 also.

Snagit with Google Drive integration

You can import photos and videos from Google Drive to Snagit and you can upload files from Snagit to Google drive also and let them available for viewing from any browser or mobile device.

To import files from Google Drive, open Snagit Editor and select “Import from Google Drive” and follow instructions on screen.

Snagit 11.3

Snagit Extension and app for Google Chrome

TechSmith Snagit Extension and its app available on Chrome web store for download and install lets you capture, annotate and share pictures from Chrome browser and Chromebook. You need to install both app and extension.

This version of Snagit gets updated automatically for that to happen you need to open Snagit Program preferences and select “Enable automatic update checking” on “Update Options” tab.

Other features are OneClick and while recording videos Snagit now records system audio automatically so you can capture sound in your computer like from Video playing on YouTube  without much difficulty.

Snagit gets  Windows 8.1 support as well, you can download Snagit from here.