MediaFire, online storage and file sharing site, which lets you get 50GB of free space for free account has launched desktop clients for Windows and Mac to make file sharing even more easier from desktop without need to open the browser. MediaFire desktop beta for Windows sports same design and sharing options like Dropbox on Windows, if you’re a Dropbox user, it is easy to use.

Getting started with MediaFire Desktop

After installing MediaFire Desktop, sign into your MediaFire account with your username and password and select your plan to get started. On the next step, typical and advanced setup options available for you to select while former installs service with default settings and the latter lets you chose MediaFire folder location and sync options.

MediaFire Desktop

With typical or by default, MediaFire Folder gets installed into following location.


Once setup completes, the program starts syncing files from MediaFire web interface to its folder and when syncing completes, notification will be displayed in the system tray. MediaFire tray icon shows notifications about synced items and updates, if any available for your files.

MediaFire Desktop notifications

MediaFire destkop preferences offer Account, Settings, Sync Folder, Following, Network, About and Help tabs. The Account tab shows the space used and “unlink computer” option. Sync Folder lets you choose which folders to sync to this computer (selective sync). About tab shows MediaFire Desktop version with automatic updates options enabled.

MediaFire Desktop preferences

Reset MediaFire client fully

Help tab offers Advanced Help tools, which offers “Reset the client fully” option which, when clicked allows to start the setup from beginning on your computer, you’ve to follow steps from signing into your account then.

Context menu options

When you right click on a file in MediaFire folder it offers following options

  • Share through MediaFire
  • Copy MediaFire link
  • view on

MediaFire Desktop context menu sharing options

Like to Dropbox, MediaFire also includes Screen Capture tool which lets you capture and upload pictures to its site.

Too many processes

With MediaFire desktop installed on your computer, you can notice these processes running: mf_filetransfer.exe, mf_central_contol.exe, MediaFire_desktop.exe, mf_monitor.exe  and mf_interface.exe.

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