Twitter has recently enabled Media -Photo and video- previews for its apps on Android and Phone and also for website on the desktop. This means, previews of Photos and videos will be automatically shown in your timeline. Social network and microblogging service lets you opt-out of media previews on its mobile versions-you need to uncheck “Photo Preview” box- but not on its web client.

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With the help of Adblock Plus extension, you can able to successfully hide or block or disable them on Web in Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers and here is how to do that.

Reasons to hate Twitter’s media previews

  • They may take more time load
  • And likely distractive

Disabling or hiding Photo and video Previews for website using Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus developer has created filters to block these annoyances on Twitter’s web client. You just have to install this extension -that not only blocks annoying ads but also malware and  tracking from ad agencies– and add these filters manually to the browsers.

For Chrome, add below filters by visiting “Add your own filters” tab in extension options.

For pictures: ##.tweet .media > > img

For videos: > .content > .expanded-content > .tweet-details-fixer > .js-media-container[data-card2-name=”player”]

Twitter website with and without image preview before and after applying filters

For Firefox

Open Adblock Plus, Filter Preferences > Custom Filters, click on “Add filter group”

For pictures ##.tweet .media > > img

For videos > .content > .expanded-content > .tweet-details-fixer > .js-media-container[data-card2-name=”player”]

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For Opera

Visit Adblock Plus Options > Add your own filters, click on “+Add filter” and add the below filters for pictures and videos.

For pictures: ##.tweet .media > > img

For videos: > .content > .expanded-content > .tweet-details-fixer > .js-media-container[data-card2-name=”player”]

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Has these filters worked for you? Let us know in the comments.