When you install Google Drive on Windows it adds shortcuts for Google Drive folder, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides to your desktop. Not over yet, they also gets added to Google Drive folder on Start menu as well. This is happening since August 2013 from Drive 1.11 version onwards.

Google Drive adds Shortcuts for Docs, Sheets and Slides to Desktop

While Google Drive folder shortcut created on desktop has a purpose and meaning as it allows us to drag and drop files quickly onto it. What’s use of other shortcuts? Google claims these shortcuts allow easier access for creation of new spreadsheets, documents and presentations.

To get started, click on any editor shortcut icon and sign into your Google account and created document will be automatically saved to Google Drive.

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides shortcuts

You can manually delete these shortcuts (uninstalling Google Drive also removes these) , that’s not difficult thing to do, but Google Drive installer should’ve provided option to uncheck creation of these shortcuts during install.

If you don’t organize icons on desktop with tools like Fences do you welcome stuff Google Drive placing on your desktop? Share your opinions with us in comments.