No more need to save attachments in Gmail to your computer, in fact you can now save them to Google Drive and save space on your hard drive. Google is integrating Google Drive more deeply into Gmail, now in their attachments. New attachment UI for Gmail powered by Google Drive is rolling out for desktop which lets you not only shows previews of  attachment files at the bottom of email but also allows to save them directly to Google Drive from Gmail so that they can be accessed later from your tablet, smart phone and computer.

"You’re probably used to downloading email attachments, but each of those files takes time to download, eats up space on your device, and can get buried deep inside your "Downloads" folder. With today’s update to Gmail, you can skip that whole process. Instead, you can view attachments and save files directly to Google Drive without ever leaving Gmail, making it easy to access them later from whatever device you’re on—computer, phone or tablet." Said Scott Johnson director of product management in Google Drive blog.

Seeing attachments in Gmail : Previews of attachments like photos, videos and spreadsheets and PDFs appears as below in Gmail.

Gmail attachment previews

Saving Gmail attachments to Google Drive : When you click on an image its full screen view will be shown and you’re allowed to individual attachment or all attachments at once to Google drive and of course to your computer as well.

What’s your opinion on this feature? useful or not?  has the feature rolled on to your Gmail account?. Share your thoughts with us in comments.