With Google Voice search in Chrome, you can able to speak to Google by saying some search queries without typing anything from your keyboard and Google talks back to you with answers or results. Provided you need to have microphone connected to your computer or laptop and you should be using latest Chrome version. If all requirements met then in Chrome browser visit Google homepage or new tab page and click on microphone icon on right side of search box.

Now info bar appears on top with message  ‘https://www.google.com wants to to use your microphone with ‘Allow’ and Deny options. Click Allow to start voice search and exception for Google site gets added to Chrome browser. Speak alert should now appear, instead if you’re getting ‘voice Search has been turned off’ message on screen, then follow the instructions mentioned below that turns on Voice Search again on Chrome. 

Voice Search error

Fix Chrome’s Voice Search has been turned off’

From Chrome menu select Settings, select Show Advanced Settings

Privacy>Content Settings scroll down to ‘Media’ make sure ‘ask me when a site requires access to my camera and microphone (recommended)’ option is selected (check the screenshot below) instead of this one ‘Do not allow sites to access my camera and microphone.’

Click ‘Manage Exceptions’ and remove any exceptions you might’ve added for Google site in past which showing Deny words for Audio and click ‘Done’ button to save the changes.

Advanced Settings Media

Now try to start voice search in Chrome and it works as expected without showing any errors. FYI, ‘Ok Google’ has came to desktop Chrome, you need to install Google Voice Search Hotword beta extension for that. After installing that extension you can talk to Google without clicking on microphone icon or you just need to say ‘ Ok Google’ then on Google homepage.