SourceForge, trusted site for hosting open source projects is loosing trust as developers moving their projects to elsewhere. To the latest, GIMP developers have moved their program’s Windows Installer from SourceForge to their own site as they’re annoyed with its Installer and ads shown on download pages.

"SourceForge, once a useful and trustworthy place to develop and host FLOSS applications, has faced a problem with the ads they allow on their sites – the green "Download here" buttons that appear on many, many adds leading to all kinds of unwanted utilities have been spotted there as well." a post in the GIMP site reads.

SourceForge Installer

But GIMP developers are clearly more annoyed with SourceForge’s  Installer than ads. "The tipping point was the introduction of their own SourceForge Installer software, which bundles third-party offers with Free Software packages. We do not want to support this kind of behavior, and have thus decided to abandon SourceForge"

FYI, since some time this site has started offering installer bundled with third-party software. If you try to download a file from SourceForge, instead of original file, SourceForge Installer gets downloaded onto your computer (you can see this similar to CNET installer  which has also got criticism) which on running and when you accept to its license agreement and click next button, optional third-party offer to install will be shown, here you’ve option to accept or decline.

SourceForge Installer

"At installation time you’ll be prompted to consider one or more third-party offers, which you’re under no obligation to accept. However, we hope you’ll consider it, because by doing that you’ll make possible for us to share advertising revenues with those projects."

optional software install offer

If by mistake if you’ve installed such software on your computer, you can uninstall or remove such using Control Panel.