Few Avast users reported WinPatrol program has alerted them about Emergency Update entry addition in startup that’s supposed to run every time after the reboot, they’re concerned about it. We’ve covered this in the past, Avast uses Emergency Update feature to fix issues like crucial Avast service fails to start.

Avast:Emergency Update on startup is not malware

Avast answered in a thread this is normal and is not malware, also confirms ” it is now being used to deliver all sorts of updates/patches into avast. It is a mechanism that can update (patch) avast binaries in a lightweight way, usually without requiring a reboot and going through the whole program update process.”

So don’t worry about it, you should when malware disguises like that, but what makes most users to suspect it as malware apart from WinPatrol alert which usually warns when new programs gets added to startup is Emergency Update 20131121 added with random filename:  4749EAC5-AD58-436B-8F6C-CB01BA377D62.EXE ( different for every user). But the feature is designed as such with random filenames.

Disabling Avast Emergency Update

Normally you can find Emergency Update feature running from this location “C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\AvastEmUpdate.exe”. It is important feature runs as a schedule task triggers at logon for every user and daily at a particular time and you shouldn’t delete or disable that considering it is now also used to update Avast.

Avast Emergency Update Scheduled task

Leaving it alone won’t harm your computer for sure, stay protected.