Cryptolocker, recently became very popular and tough to get rid of kind of ransomware from your computer if you’re infected with. This ransom malware once enters system encrypts all files and provides the key to decrypt them only when you pay ransom. Paying ransom is not recommended as it encourages cybercriminals to do these things more in future.

Cryptolocker prevention and protection tools

If you’re not infected with Crypto ransomware and want to prevent it happening then you can  consider using CryptoPrevent. And another tool you might be using should be HitmanPro.alert 2.5 beta -from makers SurfRight who also offers HitmanPro.Kickstart to remove ransomware- with CryptoGuard feature when installed watches browsers for intruders and prevents your files from being taken hostage by Crypto ransomware.

If you’re an Avast user, no need to fear as it protects you when Autosandbox and DeepScreen are enabled.

"Avast! Antivirus detects all known variants of CryptoLocker thanks to our automated processing and CommunityIQ,” said Pavel Sramek, researcher and analyst for the avast! Virus Lab.

"AVAST users should be safe from infection during the short period when the malware is new and “undetected” as long as AutoSandbox and DeepScreen are active. The infection is prevented by means of a dynamic detection” he added.