Recently released Avast 2014 has got its first program update 9.0 2007. This update has fixed several issues. You can able to update to the latest version from “Update” tab in Settings of program or same can be done from its tray icon. You can also install this build on top of existing Avast product installed in your computer.

Avast 2014 build 9.0.2007 changes

  • Fixed connection issues from Java applets
  • Fixed issues with Security Center registration
  • Fixed problems with non English languages in RescueDisk
  • GUI fixes
  • Firewall fixes
  • Fixed issues with WinDVD and SQL connectors
  • Fixed issue with non-refreshing Metro apps in Win 8.1

Avast 2014 program version

Source: Avast forums.

You can download Avast from its homepage.