When you install CCleaner on your computer, it adds two options- "Run CCleaner" and "Open CCleaner"- to Recycle Bin’s context menu. If you forget to uncheck those during install on setup dialog, you can still remove them by visiting CCleaner Settings.

Before proceeding, you should know what these entries do when selected.

When you right click and select Run CCleaner on Recycle Bin, files and folders in it will be  deleted automatically and specialty of this command is GUI of tool won’t appear (you can see its icon running in the system tray) when cleaning is performed.

If you select open CCleaner from right click menu of Recycle Bin, the tool will open and available for cleaning. This means you can not only open CCleaner by clicking on its desktop shortcut but also from Recycle Bin context menu.

Recycle Bin Context Menu

If you feel you can manually empty recycle Bin, then these two entries will be unnecessary and  here is how to remove them.

Removing CCleaner’s entries on Recycle Bin Context Menu 

1. Open CCleaner

2. Select Options>Settings and uncheck for "Add ‘Run CCleaner’ option to Recycle Bin context menu" and "Add ‘open CCleaner’ .. option to Recycle Bin Context Menu".

Though this is not that much useful tip, but if you use this tip your Recycle Bin context Menu  becomes short with less clutter, what do you say?