It looks like you haven’t started Firefox in a while. Do you want to clean it up for a fresh, like new experience? And by the way, welcome back!” this notification or message appears at bottom with “Reset Firefox” button at the end if you have launched Firefox browser after a long time. Mozilla has added this feature to Firefox 25, which was scheduled to release this month on October 29.

Firefox 25 reset notification

Mozilla changes ‘Reset Firefox’ name to ‘Refresh Firefox’

Apart from this, other significant changes in Firefox 25 are: “Resetting Firefox no longer clears your browsing session”, means tabs and windows in the last session before Reset will be allowed to restore on startup after the Reset. And Find bar has been redesigned and it is now tab-specific, that means it will be no longer shared between the tabs.

Reset Prompt to appear before download or after re-install of the same Firefox version

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