How to stop vprot.exe from running in the Task manager on startup? If an unknown or a new process appears running under the processes tab in Task Manager, we start to worry what program does the process belong to? Doubt that could be related to malware or a virus, our worries gets double if it eats more system resources, though it is related to a trusted program.

Wondering what is vprot.exe process doing at startup on your computer? Which program, it relates to? How to stop and remove it from your computer? This article answers all these questions.

What is vprot.exe? Is it a virus?

vprot.exe is also known as Vprotect  application, don’t fear! This is not a virus! It is part of the AVG Security Toolbar which could have been installed with AVG, applies to AVG Antivirus Free 2014 also.

vprot.exe process

What is Avgchsvx.exe ? How to remove it from your Computer?

There is a chance for the malware to disguise and run as this process. You can confirm whether this process actually belongs to AVG Technologies or not by checking its digital signature.

To do that, navigate to that file location by selecting and right clicking on vprot.exe on task manager, and further select Open File location. Now right click on vprot file, and select properties and check its Digital Signatures tab.

vprot location

Actually, you don’t need to worry about this if you’ve installed AVG on your computer, but getting knowledge about these things makes you more security-savvy user.

How to stop or Remove vprot.exe?

Uninstalling AVG Toolbar removes AVG Toolbar and AVG Secure Search.

1. Click on Control Panel on Start Menu

2. Open Control Panel Programs Programs and Features > select AVG Security Toolbar and click on Uninstall/change

3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

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