Don’t want Move to Dropbox Context Menu entry? Here is how to remove it. Yesterday, Dropbox 2.4 has been released with Screenshot sharing feature, it has also added Move to Dropbox option to context menu for files or folders, which appears when you right click on them. This option allows you to send selected files or folders to Dropbox folder on Windows, then those files/folders will be automatically synchronized to your Dropbox on the web.

If you feel your context menu already cluttered with useless entries and you don’t need this option any more, then you can easily remove it using the following methods. Both are easy to follow.

Move to Dropbox context menu item

DropboxExt.22.dll location

Before proceeding with these methods, you should know the file related to Move to Dropbox resides in following path as DropboxExt.22.dll

Path: C:\Users\[usename]\AppData\Roaming\Dropbox\bin

Removing Move to Dropbox from Context Menu using Command Prompt

1. Open command prompt as administrator.

2. Run the following command

regsvr32 /u “C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Dropbox\bin\DropboxExt.22.dll”

Note: Before running the command you need to replace username with yours.

3. Unregistering of that file is succeeded dialog will be shown on screen.

unregistering dropboxext.dll

4. That’s it, Move to Dropbox context menu item has been removed. To confirm, select a file or folder on desktop and right click on it where it no longer appears.

Re-enabling Move to Dropbox entry on Context menu

1. Open command prompt as administrator

2. Run the following command

regsvr32 “C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Dropbox\bin\DropboxExt.22.dll”

Replace username with yours.

3. RegSvr 32 dialog shows DllregisterServer succeeded in registering that file message on screen.

reregistering Dropboxext dll file

In both the above cases, you don’t need to restart your computer.

Removing Move to Dropbox on Context Menu using CCleaner

Here is another method which makes these things easy, but you needed to be using CCleaner for this. Here system restart is required for changes to take effect.

Not installed? Use CCleaner portable then.

1. Open CCleaner, Tools>Startup>Context Menu tab

2. Select DropboxExt and click on Disable button, restart you computer.

CCleaner Context Menu tab

To re-enable it again

1. Visit Context Menu tab in Startup section of CCleaner Tools

2. Select DropboxExt and click on enable button,

3. Restart your computer to apply the changes.