At last, touch-friendly Firefox version is available in Aurora channel for testing on Windows 8.  Mozilla has designed Firefox Aurora preview specially for Windows 8 tablets and wants you to test and share them feedback before they release to the stable channel. To test Firefox in Windows 8, you must make Aurora as default browser.

How to test Firefox Aurora in Windows 8

1. First set Aurora as default browser on desktop- things get little easier, when you visit Default Programs in Control Panel on Windows 8.

2. Then its tile appears on start screen. You can use it to launch the browser in touch-screen mode

Firefox Aurora Windows 8

Comparison Comparison between Firefox Desktop and Windows 8 versions

1. Both uses same Gecko rendering engine.

2. Both versions supports WebGL and asm.js, Hardware accelerated full html5 video.

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3.  Firefox in Windows 8 mode doesn’t share bookmarks, history and passwords with desktop version, that’s why Mozilla asking you to use Firefox sync for that.

Apart from Firefox sync support, Firefox for Windows 8 version supports

  • Windows 8 touch and swipe gestures,
  • Snapped and Fill views
  • Windows share integration

Firefox Aurora tile on start screen

Can’t find Firefox Aurora tile on start screen in Windows 8.1 ?

From all apps screen, you can pin it to start.

Download Firefox Aurora Preview for Windows 8

Firefox Aurora Preview for Windows 8