Developer version for Opera 18 has been released for Mac and Windows and is available for download. If you’ve already installed and using Opera 17 Developer it may take some time to auto-update itself to Opera 18. If you can’t wait till then, you can manually install this dev build over it.

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New features in Opera 18 Developer are

  • Moving tabs between windows works on Mac and Windows.
  • Installing themes is stabilized and enabled by default.
  • Lots of bugs are fixed.
  • New engine version.

You can find complete changelog here.

Opera 18 Developer

Opera promises enhancements to Quick Access Bar, tab handling, settings, right click on edit fields to create searches, improvements on HDD usage, Synchronization (Opera Link) and others as they prepare updates.

Download Opera 18 Developer

Opera 18 dev for Windows

Opera 18 dev for Mac