Chrome New Tab Page with Search bar almost makes omnibox redundant. Experimental New Tab Page which Chrome team has been testing since a long time for Windows, Mac and Chromebooks that offers Search bar to search is now the default New Tab Page for Chrome. Google announced on Chrome ‘s Google+Plus page about the roll out. “Speed is one of the core tenets of Chrome, and starting today, we’re rolling out a feature that can make searching faster and simpler with a streamlined New Tab page. ”

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When you open new tab with Google set as default search engine, you’ll see Search bar at center with Google logo above it. You can notice 8 thumbnails of  most visited sites. You can access Apps from app bookmark on Bookmarks bar and Recent Tabs can be reached from Chrome menu.

Chrome New Tab Page with Google Search bar and logo at center

Perhaps one  another reason to hate New Tab Page, is Google Doodles will also appear on that.

Till now this feature is behind a flag Enable Instant Extended API, at present Google may allow you to disable it, but we doubt that flag won’t last for long.

What’s your take on this? do you hate or welcome this New Tab Page? share your thoughts with us in comments.

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