Developer Preview build for Java 8 is ready for testing by developers, general availability (GA) of Java 8 or its release date is March 18th, 2014 . “The prin­ci­pal fea­ture of this re­lease is ‘Pro­ject Lambda (JSR 335), which aims to make it eas­ier to write code for mul­ti­core proces­sors. It adds lambda ex­pres­sions, de­fault meth­ods, and method ref­er­ences to the Java pro­gram­ming lan­guage, and ex­tends the li­braries to sup­port par­al­leliz­able op­er­a­tions upon streamed data” Mark Reinhold, Chief architect for Java Platform group said in this blog.

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JDK 8 new features” new Date and Time API (JSR 310), Com­pact Pro­files, the Nashorn JavaScript En­gine, and even some anti-fea­tures such as the re­moval of the Per­ma­nent Gen­er­a­tion from the Hotspot vir­tual ma­chine”. You can find all new features here.

Java 8 developer Preview

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Download Java 8 developer Preview

Java 8 developer Preview builds.

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