Know how to stop crashreporter process of Opera from running. Have you noticed opera_crashreporter.exe process appears always running on Task Manager under Processes tab when Opera based Chromium is open. Its really annoying, instead Opera Crash Reporter should be running silently in the background and submit crash reports to Opera whenever browser crashes, which helps Opera team to analyze those crashes and find the reasons for it and make sure those won’t happen again.

If you don’t want that process keeps running, here is how to disable it and this doesn’t affect the way opera functions.

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Opera crashreporter.exe

Disabling opera_crashreporter.exe

1. Open Opera browser settings, you can do that by selecting Settings from Opera menu or use Alt +P shortcut instead.

2. Click on Privacy & Security ,

3.  On Right-side under Privacy section uncheck or remove tick mark for “Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Opera

Opera privacy and security settings

4. Close the browser with Task Manager open and restart the browser, voila opera_crashreporter.exe won’t appear, it has vanished.

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