You can permanently activate or disable a plugin in Firefox. Till now except for Plugins like Java that have vulnerabilities and outdated versions of Flash Mozilla applies click to play blocklisted plugins, remaining all plugins in Firefox are automatically loaded by default. Things to change from Firefox 26 onwards, to improve browser performance and stability Mozilla planning to set click to play for all plugins except Flash.

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When this change is implemented, currently it is landed in Firefox Aurora, except for flash plugin content, browser always asks you to “activate the plugin” for other plugins .

Now for instance, if you visit Silverlight content page with that plugin installed in Aurora, you’ll be asked to activate the plugin, check the screenshot below. If you click on Activate Silverlight, door hanger appears on Address bar with options to “Allow Now” and “Allow and Remember”.

Firefox asks to activate plugin

Permanently Activate or disable Plugins in Firefox from Add-ons Manager

Without hassle of whitelisting plugins per site basis, do you know you can permanently activate or disable a plugin from Add-ons Manager.

FYI, Firefox lets you set a particular plugin to any one of below three states.

  • Ask to activate
  • Always Activate
  • Never Activate.

In Aurora currently, if you see, all the plugins except Flash in Plugins Panel under Add-Ons Manager by default set to “Ask to Activate”  instead of Always Activate.

Firefox 26 Plugin Activate options

So if you want a particular plugin like Silverlight to be always activated, you can set Always activate to apply that change.

Similarly if you want a particular plugin content like Flash or Java to never load, then you can set Never Activate for that plugin by visiting Add-ons Manager.