Final version of Firefox 24 for Windows, Mac and Linux is available for download with new features, improvements and bug fixes. Mozilla has added two new features to Firefox 24 apart from  improving the way New Tab page loads. One, addition of Close Tabs to the Right, which allows user to close tabs to the right side of selected one, which now makes Close tabs to the Right add-on redundant.

Firefox 24 Final Improves New Tab Page Loading

And two, Firefox allows to detach chat windows, so that you can view them separately by dragging them out. With this release, preloading for New Tab Page is enabled by default. The preference in about:config browser.newtab.preload which turned off by default before this release, is enabled.

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Firefox 24 final or stable version fixes security bugs

Download Firefox 24 offline installers for Windows, Mac and Linux

Official Firefox download page no longer offering full installer for browser directly, instead it is offering stub installer. With web installer, most users lose the option of installing Firefox offline. You can download full standalone/offline installer for Firefox 24 from below link.

Download Firefox 24 for Windows

Download Firefox 24 for Mac

Download Firefox 24 for Linux 

Want offline installer for Firefox beta, Aurora and nightly channels? you can find them right here.

If you’re using Firefox, make sure you’re using this latest version, it has came with fixes security bugs including fix to critical vulnerability. You can find Firefox 24 release notes here.