Dropbox 2.4 Lets You Save Screenshots To Its Folder

by Venkat eswarlu on September 28, 2013

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2.4 version of Dropbox has been released for Windows, Mac and Linux. Dropbox 2.4 stable build brings lot of new features, we’ve reported them earlier when Dropbox 2.3 development build was released with these features. This version is not available on Dropbox homepage at the time of writing, still you can able to download them from their forums.

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Dropbox 2.4 release, apart from offering faster upload/download speed for large files, for Mac  this version has brought import from iPhotos and Maverics support. And other features intended for Windows and Mac are screenshot to Dropbox. With install of Dropbox client, Move to Dropbox option will be added to Files/folders context menu.

How to Enable/disable Dropbox Screenshot Saving feature

After installing Dropbox, with Print Screen shortcut you’ll get “Share your screenshots using Dropbox dialog as shown below in screenshot. From which, you can enable it by clicking “Save Screenshots to Dropbox” feature. If you’ve  selected No, thanks at that time, you can enable it later from Import tab in Dropbox Preferences.

If you’ve installed Screen capturing program like Snagit, then try to get that dialog using Alt + Print Screen shortcut, supposing Snagit already uses Print Screen shortcut by default.

enabling screenshot to Dropbox thumb Dropbox 2.4 Lets You Save Screenshots To Its Folder

Once you enable this feature, every time you press Print Screen button, screenshot will be captured and saved to Dropbox folder specifically at screenshots folder at the following path

C:\Users\username \Dropbox\Screenshots.

You can disable Saving Screenshot to Dropbox by deselecting “Share screenshots using Dropbox on Import tab again.

disabling Dropbox Screenshot thumb Dropbox 2.4 Lets You Save Screenshots To Its Folder

How to Share screenshots using Dropbox?

When Ctrl +Print Screen shortcut was pressed on Windows with Dropbox installed, Dropbox copies screenshot link to clipboard and shows notification about it in system tray. When you click it, it will be opened in default browser with the options to Share, Download, Show in my Dropbox, Remove link and Print.

sharing screenshots using Dropbox thumb Dropbox 2.4 Lets You Save Screenshots To Its Folder

For sharing links, Dropbox may ask you to verify email address with which you’ve signed up for service. Once verification is over, you can able to share screenshots to whomever you want by typing their names or email address, after that you can click on “send” button.

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Download Dropbox 2.4

Dropbox 2.4 for Windows

Dropbox 2.4 for Mac

Dropbox 2.4 for Linux  x86-x64

Dropbox 2.4 for Linux X86


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DaVince March 20, 2014 at 2:18 am

The feature doesn’t seem to be available on Linux, so use something like Lookit there instead to fulfill your needs.


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