Using Norton Removal Tool 21 you can able to remove or Uninstall all  Norton products.Yesterday we’ve covered about Norton Internet Security 21 and Norton Antivirus 21 products released by Symantec for 2014, today Symantec has made available Norton Removal Tool which uninstalls all Norton Products released this year 2014 and before, since 2003. The aim for releasing this tool is to remove a failed installation or a damaged Norton Product.

Its more obvious that using this tool, you’re aiming to remove Norton Internet Security 21 or Norton Antivirus 21 but you should know that this tool also uninstalls Norton Products released from 2003 to 2014. 

If you plan to reinstall Norton product after uninstall, then you should consider using Norton Remove & Reinstall Tool.

Uninstall Norton 2014 Products with Norton Removal Tool 21

Norton Removal Tool  will stop all running Symantec programs and remove all copies of following familiar programs.

Norton Antivirus 2003 through 2014

Norton Internet Security 2003 through 2014

Using this tool easy, download and run it on your computer. And follow the instructions on the screen, you need to restart your computer after running this tool.

Norton Removal Tool 21 Norton 2014

You can see other Norton Products it can uninstall on above  screenshot or you know when you run it.

Note: You only need to use this tool if you’re unable to uninstall Norton products from Control Panel in traditional way.

Download Norton Removal Tool, works on Windows XP/7/8.