Norton 2014 products, Norton Internet Security 21 and Norton Antivirus 21 have been released. As Beta testing is over, Symantec has released their 2014 line of products- Norton Internet Security 21, Norton Antivirus 21– with version number as 21. These products released with Windows 8.1 compatibility and comes with improved protection, performance, and usability. You can either purchase any of these products or download 30-day trial versions for free from Norton website. 

What’s new in NIS 21 and NAV 21?

Advanced repair – Symantec has integrated their Norton Power Eraser as an emergency repair tool into Internet Security suit. If you suspect that a normal scan may have missed malware, then you can run this tool from Scan Now module>computer scan..

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Behavioral-based protection engine, SONAR has been improved which now allows the latest products to discover and shut down malware that attempts to disguise its bad behavior by operating inside legitimate Windows processes.

Norton Internet Security 21 Final UI

Simpler setup and management – For users who prefer to install via Web download, this release improves the installation and setup experience. Users can easily download and install the latest products and subsequently ensure all their devices are protected.

Faster performance – Based on recent testing by PassMark, compared with last year’s releases, boot time has been improved by 15 percent, install speed by 10 percent and memory usage during scan by 100MBs, resulting in  fastest and lightest performance yet.

Norton Internet Security 21 and Norton Antivirus 21 offline Installers

Norton Internet Security 21 [176 MB].

Norton Antivirus 21  [189 MB].

During our testing Norton Internet Security 21 has installed quickly and ran smoothly without any issues. And Quick scan has detected and removed two tracking cookies automatically.