McAfee Labs has released 12 version for their Stinger tool and is available for download. Initial version for Stinger 11 was released back in March this year, McAfee Labs Stinger 12 released now detects more newer viruses, you can find all the threats it can detect and remove in Threat list option from Advanced Menu in user interface of Stinger application.

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What’s new in Stinger 12

With each build new or enhanced signatures were added to Stinger, these can be found on release notes. Stinger uses next-generation scan technology for scanning, this tool also performs rootkit scanning. You can choose what to scan, scan options and what to do when a Stinger detect threat in Settings.

McAfee Stinger 12

These types of tools are developed to detect and remove specific threats, if some skipped through your antivirus or security software installed on your computer, there is a possibility for these tools caught them when you initiate scan.

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Download McAfee Stinger 12

You can download McAfee Stinger from here.