Not figured out how to create RAR 5 archive? Or don’t know how to open it when you got one through email and how about recognizing it on your computer, this article is here to help you. After going through 8 betas, RARLABs has released final version of 5.0 for WinRAR. WinRAR 5.0 has introduced a new archiving format RAR 5.0.

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How to Create RAR 5.0 archive

1. Download and Install WinRAR 5 final.

2. To create RAR 5.0 archive, select the files you want to archive, right click and select add to Archive

3. Now in archive name and parameters dialog, select Archive format as RAR 5 (check the screenshot below) and click OK after setting the other parameters.

WinRAR 5 Archive dialog

How to open a RAR 5 file?

You can able to open RAR 5 file using WinRAR 5 only and no other programs like WinZip or 7-Zip and even older versions of WinRAR won’t support it. When you try to open any RAR 5 file with WinRAR older versions, you might get the below errors.

unsupported archive format. Please update WinRAR to a newer version.

The archive is either unknown format or damaged.

can not open …rar  as archive”, you’ll encounter this for 7-zip.

So before emailing RAR 5 archive files, make sure the recipient knows about RAR 5 format or at least ask him to open that archive using WinRAR 5.

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How to know RAR file is of type RAR 5 format?

Its tough to identify RAR file, even RAR 5 file created with WinRAR 5, because they contain same file extension .rar, but  you can, if you follow the steps below. 

Right click on that RAR file and select Properties, click on Archive tab that shows Archive format type.

RAR 5.0 archive type

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